Chantelle's day from 'elle

Chantelle and Rav from Crimewatch have seemingly enjoyed a blissful union for the last few months, replete with OK! magazine shoots detailing their happiness. Alas, it all unraveled in the full glare of the paparazzi yesterday (okay, so probably one lone, loser pap hiding behind a bush) after the pair had a giant barny and went their seperate ways, with Rav later tweeting to confirm the split. A perfect showbiz relationship meltdown, in other words.

Rav wrote on twitter, 'Wanted to clarify situation after speculation 2day. Sadly Chantelle & I are no longer in a relationship as I’ve had to draw a line under it. It’s been a really difficult week and a lot has gone on, & I appreciate everyone’s kind words. The relationship wasn’t what I wanted so badly and wasn’t the genuine thing I thought it was.'

The split comes after Chantelle admitted that her relationship with Preston caused friction between the pair, ‘We have little rows - Rav finds it really hard that I've been married before. It doesn't anger me but I don't like someone wanting to change my past because I wouldn't change it for anything - I don't regret any of it. I don't think Rav wants to acknowledge it, but what went on between me and Preston is important,'

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