Change the way you view with social TV listings

The analogue age was all about sitting on the sofa and looking at the newspaper to see what was on next. Channel-surfing was the desultory search with the remote to find something that matched your interests.

Those days are heading into the realms of quaint antiquity. A majority of us already time-shift our viewing or order high-quality drama series in bulk to watch when we want rather than at the whim of a scheduler. The next step is Social TV listings, our own collaborative channels and viewing schedules filled by recommendations, conversations and invitations.

The idea, pioneered by companies like videOMG, combines entertainment with social media in a smart and effective way. The theory is similar to online music playlists: extrapolating your favoured viewing from what you have already enjoyed, but also sharing your new discoveries, and being pointed in the right direction by knowledgeable friends.

The social aspect comes from comparing selections with friends and social network contacts. In the past we’d gather round the water-cooler at the office to say "Did you see . . . " or "You must catch . . ." A videOMG network takes that several steps further, allowing you to set up your own channels with like-minded friends, impress them with your cool taste, uncover those hidden movie gems that they had never heard of.

Keeping up with all the must-see new shows and movies becomes so much easier. Just add that title to your Watchlist. Watching television at home has suddenly taken on a collaborative aspect.

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