Champagne Soccer-Nova

Liam Gallagher may be portrayed as a binge-drinking Northern scally but he turned Mr Nice Guy when he showed up for a fundraising footie match at the weekend after his decorator asked if he fancied a kick about. ‘If you don’t ask, you don’t get’ as they say.

According to Digital Spy, the former Oasis lead growler turned out for Hertfordshire football team Berkhamstead FC after he was persuaded by their shirt sponsors Stoneforce, who did some building work on his home, to play.

"We recently refurbished Liam's house and I asked him to play. It was great to see everyone's faces when he came," said Paul Smith from Stoneforce, "He raced up and down the wing and came close to scoring a few times. He's pretty fit. Then he stayed until 1am drinking and telling stories. He even played the lads new songs. He had a great time."

It’s also been reported that Liam G’s new team won match 5-2. Well Liam, you are looking for a job aren’t you?

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