Cha'mon Muthaf****!

Michael Jackson’s death has done many things: it has brought people together, made people re-evaluate his pop legacy and suffocated people in hyperbole. It has also given a chance for some people to get their careers back on track.

Take comedian Leigh Francis for instance, who since finishing Bo Selecta! a few years back has basically done nothing worth watching, and from being one of the most recognisable and funniest faces on TV has become almost unheard of. So it’s fitting that following Jacko’s death that he gets to give his Michael Jackson caricature (the character that launched him to temporary stardom) one final airing in a tribute episode, and that he’s even managed to rope David Gest into appearing on the show.

‘David Gest didn't know what Bo Selecta! was,’ Francis said. ‘I showed him a few sketches and he thought it was funny and said Michael Jackson would've probably found it funny. He was a friend of Michael Jackson, so for me that was my seal of approval. He even puts a nice message at the end.

‘I knew I was going to get hammered for doing it (a spoof tribute) too soon, but I also thought I've been doing Michael Jackson for six years on Bo Selecta!, so when he died I felt like I had to put that character to rest too.’

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