Cheryl Cole turns down Britain's Got Talent offer


Cheryl Cole has turned down the offer to resurrect her TV career as a judge on Britain's Got Talent according to reports in Metro today.

The 28-year-old famously left the British version of the X Factor earlier this year to try her luck in the US equivalent only to be axed by producers.

With comedian Michael McIntyre deciding to quit BGT this week the stars seemed aligned for Cheryl's return to British screens as a judge on the popular talent show.

However, an unnamed source close to the Girls Aloud singer made it clear to Metro that Cole had no intention of joining the BGT panel and is growing tired of Cowell using her to promote his programmes.

'There is absolutely no chance in hell Cheryl will even consider doing Britain’s Got Talent. She’s not even willing to discuss it. She’s turned it down before.'

Cowell will now have to look elsewhere for new blood to join the BGT judging panel after McIntyre quit and David Hasselhoff flopped leaving just Amanda Holden from the show's original incarnation.

'Simon knows by mentioning her it will get publicity for his shows,' the insider told Metro. 'She’s fed up. Cheryl’s walked away from it all and moved forward. Simon keeps dragging it up and her name.'

'Cheryl’s in a great place right now and has always said that music is her main focus. She was really happy to get out and live a little during London Fashion Week and really enjoyed herself. Everyone was really nice to her and she loved catching up with everyone. The X Factor is history for her now.'

Cole's decision to turn down BGT will be a blow for Cowell who is looking to get the 28-year-old back onside after the US X Factor disaster.

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