Cemetery Junction Trailer

Whether it’s a British comedy series, a US comedy series, a stand-up tour, a radio show, a podcast, an immature children’s book, another British comedy series, or an awards hosting, everything Ricky Gervais seems to touch turns to gold: the man is a modern day alchemist. Of course the catalyst for his rise to super stardom was zeitgeist sitcom The Office which he created, wrote and directed with his partner in crime Stephen Merchant.

Following on the global success of The Office the double act overcame that pesky 2nd album syndrome by taking a dig at A-listers in the much loved series Extras, but since then the duo have been a little quiet when it comes to writing together again. That is until now, with their first feature length film Cemetery Junction co-written and co-directed by them.

The teaser trailer, which pokes some fun at star Ralph Fiennes, has been clogging up internet blogs for 6 months and now we get our first peak at the movie in its just released first trailer. Clocking in at under 2 minutes, two things stand out; firstly the 70s period setting carries a lovable warmth and charm to it and, secondly it’s not actually very funny.

Of course it’s a little premature to be saying the Gervais bubble has burst, so best we wait until its release date of 7th April 2010 to pass proper judgement.

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