Celebrity sales

Celebrities and product endorsements go together like strawberries and cream. When Jennifer Aniston became more famous for her hair, than for her role in Friends, L’Oreal were quick to get her pushing their shampoo. And who better to be the face, or foot, of their shoe, than perpetually high-heeled Posh Spice? She did wonders for Giambattista Valli’s range, giving them glowing reviews and boosting sales. 

But there’s more to the endorsement lark than simply choosing the star of the moment to flog your gear. Jonathan Kelsey designed a pair of elegant shoes for Amy Winehouse – only later to see her either falling over on her heels or walking the streets in bloodstained slippers. Doesn’t exactly scream BUY ME!

The Plant Love make-up range offered clean living for all their clients, so maybe it wasn’t the best idea to get party-girl and rehab-regular Lindsay Lohan advertising their brand.

So designers beware, choose your celebs with care. 

(Image: from YouTube)

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