Celebrity Rehab is coming

A new series to be aired on VH1 features a group of addict celebrities as they go through treatment for drug and alcohol dependency. According to The New York Post, The Z-listers (as if we’d expect anything else) reportedly taking part are: American Idol finalist Jessica Sierra; porn star Mary Carey, who also once ran for governor of California; actor Daniel Baldwin; actress Brigitte Nielsen, who appeared on British TV on Celebrity Big Brother; and former pro wrestler Chyna. But these are yet to be confirmed by VH1.

Has-been celebrities really will do anything to revive their careers. We thought the stars on I’m a Celebrity were bad, humiliating themselves on national television. But this is a whole different ball-game.

Watching vulnerable people with mental issues going cold turkey – is that entertainment? One celeb in the US show is even rushed to hospital. It’s billed as shocking viewing, but isn’t this one step too far?

Will we be tuning in? Too right…

(Image: from Paul Keleher’s flickr stream)

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