Top Celebrity Juice quotes

Leigh Francis is responsible for bringing us Bo’ Selecta, A Bear's Tail and Celebrity Juice. He introduced us to the lovable Avid Merrion and Keith Lemon.

And Leigh Francis’ character Keith Lemon presents one of ITV2’s greatest shows, Celebrity Juice. Keith Lemon quotes have become catchphrases and popular sayings - most of them are a bit too rude to write about here! He often favours Holly’s team due to having a bit of a crush on her. He calls Holly Willoughby ‘Holly Willoughbooby’ and calls Fearne Cotton ‘Dot Cotton’ - a character on Eastenders. He often teases Fearne on her large nostrils and small breasts.

Any time he has an Irish guest or is with Jedward, he will say potato quite frequently. Northern Irish TV presenter Christine Bleakley was on the show and Keith Lemon went all out and made her a potato alarm clock. At the start of the game Lemon Head, he often picks fun at the American accent by saying you will see different sectors on it - or if you're American, ‘sectORS’!

When he sees an attractive person he often calls them ‘Bang tidy’, which in proper English roughly translates to 'you are a wonderfully attractive person and one would like to have sexual relations with you'. At the end of every show he says ‘if I don’t see you through the week I'll see ya through the window.’

Keith Lemon is based on Leigh Francis' best friend. Some people love Celebrity Juice and some hate it. It's on ITV2 - if you haven’t seen it yet give it a try.


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