Celebrity Dancing on Ice revealed

The former celebrities slated for the new Dancing On Ice series have been revealed. Among the contestants are Susanne Shaw of Hear’Say fame, How Clean Is Your House presenter Aggie MacKenzie, former pop star Samantha Mumba, and ex-page three model and now Emmerdale star Linda Lusardi, all of whom have sustained quite significant injuries. (Not looking good, eh?)

Other stars include ex-pop star Gareth Gates, ex- javelin athlete Steve Backley and ex-tennis player Greg Rusedski. (Dancing on Ice was brought to you by the prefix ex…) 

And let’s not forget CBBC presenter Michael Underwood, Chris Fountain of Hollyoaks and Natalie Pinkham - that girl who got groped by Prince Harry…

But don’t we want some real celebrities? Or is it better watching a bunch of has-beens giving their all for a chance of a new career? We think so. We say throw in some of the Steps alumni, or maybe the entire Scott-Lee clan, because we’d like to see them fall on their bums (again). Or maybe we could see reality TV staple Brigitte Nielsen, fresh out of celebrity rehab, in a pair of blades. Yup…that’d be one to see.

(Image: from YouTube)

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