Celebrity Big Brother update

If you haven’t seen any of Celebrity Big Brother yet then don’t worry because we’ll fill you in... er, nothing has happened, nothing at all (sincere apologies if you find a bunch of wannabes and has-been zzz-listers sitting around doing nothing entertaining). Luckily though things could soon kick off, quite literally.

According to Katie Price (real name Jordan) on Twitter a brand new person is to enter the house in the coming days to cause some tension between current roomies Alex Reid and Dane Bowers.

‘Gossip heard a model called Vikki Thomas who is an ex of Dane’s and Alex’s is going in the house, bring it on BB, how funny, love it’, read Katie’s Tweet, posted during last night’s show.

Obviously you’re all very famiilar with Vikki Thomas’ fine body of work but in case you aren’t, we’ll fill you in, by trade she’s a classy Page 3 and glamour model, naturally (or unnaturally). Well, if this isn’t going to be the best CBB ever then at the very least it will be the most recent.

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