Celebrity Big Brother : new series announced

After all the furure of last years Celebrity Big Brother - producers pretty much promised to put a bullet in the struggling beast. Until they realised what a useless earner Celebrity Big Brother Hijack was - and came to the conclusion the coffers would be well and truly barren without it.

The Jade Goody / Shilpa Shetty racist bullying storm, tarnished the good name of the reality tat leaving most viewers thinking it had been axed for good - but top brass have now confirmed the show was only ever in a period of 'resting' and will be back on screens in January 2009.

"We never said that Celebrity Big Brother would be gone forever. We wanted to give it a ‘time out’ — a resting period after all the friction and chaos of the Shilpa and Jade saga" said a Channel Four source (The Sun).

So the hunt for more useless celebrity tools is back on - and if it brings The Love Muscle back to the small screen we're all for it.

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