Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Who is Michelle Visage?

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Michelle Visage has been keeping the British public entertained for the past while on Celebrity Brother 2015 but who exactly is she? Michelle Lynn Shupack chose the stage name Michelle Visage before embarking on a career in music when she was just a teenager.

After finishing an Arts High School at 17 years of age, Visage was selected to be a member for the all girl R&B group Seduction. She signed a deal with A&M records and the band enjoyed considerable success with their debut album Nothing Matters Without Love which went platinum and featured 4 top 10 Billboard hits.

Visage followed up that early success by recording a remake of the Bill Withers song It’s Gonna Be A Lovely Day. The song featured on the soundtrack for The Bodyguard in 1992 which starred Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner. She has dabbled in both read and TV presenting in the intervening years and she is currently a judge on the reality TV show RuPaul's Drag Race which is broadcast on Logo.

Visage is also a huge Katie Price fan as viewers of the show quickly realised last Friday when Price entered the Big Brother house as a late comer on Day 10 of the show. According to her husband, Visage is Price's "biggest fan" and that it is Michelle's "dream" to spend some time with her.

Visage has declared that she is not necessarily appearing on Celebrity Big Brother to win it and is much more interested in charming the British public into getting to know her better. She said "I would love to win but I'd love more for the British public to fall in love with me. It's not just about the win, I would just love them to want a bit more of me. That would make me so happy."

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