Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Alicia Douvall talks about extensive plastic surgery

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Alice Douvall has taken the opportunity of appearing on this year's Celebrity Big Brother to discuss all the plastic surgery she has been through. The former model revealed that she is addicted to cosmetic surgery and reckons she has had over 350 surgeries in her life time.

Upon entering the Big Brother house, Douvall revealed that all in all she has spent approximately £1 million on plastic surgery procedures overall. Hinting at the lengths she has gone to under the knife, she told BB host Emma Willis "I've had my face taken off and put back on again!"

The 35 year old is keen for the public to see her in a different light during her time on air. Speaking about her past when she regularly booked in for cosmetic surgery, Douvall said "I was a model and I was partying and dating a string of celebrities, but I have grown up since then. I've got two kids. I am a completely different person but I am still tarred with the same brush, so I think it will be nice for people to see who I really am."

Pictures have been doing the rounds of Douvall before she embarked on her first, life-changing plastic surgery procedure and she looked completely different from her distinct image of nowadays. She has had a number of boob jobs as well as having dozens of facelifts and nose jobs in a bid to achieve the perfect look.

Even though she has had all that work done though, Douvall hinted at some regrets as she said "I had to lose my looks to appreciate them, I was certified ugly." She also revealed to her Big Brother housemates that she often found herself under pressure from her surgeons to have more and more work done, especially on her nose.

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