Celeb lookalikes spark terrorist scare

  • City Cruises

Police were briefly under the impression that Tom Cruise, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Angelina Jolie and Daniel Craig were launching a terrorist attack on London. Instead a lame publicity stunt for a speedboat service ended up earning more column inches than it deserved.

An overzealous member of the public alerted the Met when they spotted the celebrity lookalikes brandishing fake guns for a photo shoot on board the speedboat. Four officers from the marine unit approached the boat, obviously confident that they could tackle the three strapping action heroes (and Tom Cruise, who was only there because of his surname).

Kyle Haughton, from organisers City Cruises, said: "It was a bit alarming to see four policemen jump out of a boat pretty quickly and run towards us. Then I realised, 'Oh my God, we have people with guns, I can see what has happened here' — but obviously, they were replica guns."

The police quickly realised that there was little threat to the city. "They were pretty relieved to see Lara Croft in all her elegance," Haughton claimed, "and they understood that this was just a PR stunt. With hindsight, we should have told the Port of London Authority but I would still have used the lookalikes because that worked really well."

Well, of course it did. In fact it had such a great PR impact that cynics might even wonder whether that "member of the public" might have been some intern at the company or a friend. But no, that would have been wasting police time wouldn't it?"

The police declined to take the joke any further and check Schwarzenegger, Cruise and Jolie's work permits. You could almost hear the tired sigh in the Scotland Yard's spokeswoman's voice. "Officers from the marine policing unit attended and quickly established that these were actors taking part in a promotional event," she said.

The name of the speedboat service is . . . no sorry, it's gone.

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