Casualties of war

So the BBC allegedly banned Barbara Windsor from appearing on ITV's Piers Morgan's True Life Stories in order to prevent their rival scooping up ratings, and now ITV have hit back in an equally scurrilous move, banning Ant and Dec from going on Jonathon Ross. Gasp! The lovable Geordies have been caught in the crossfire of a savage ratings war, which picked up pace last week with the news that Strictly Come Dancing and X Factor are to go head to head on Saturday nights. Shock horror for dual fans of the show. (Although there's always SkyPlus...)

"The BBC know an ITV show with Barbara would hurt them in the ratings so they've acted in this petulant way" said a Sun source, adding, "Ant and Dec are livid. They really wanted to go on, have a laugh, plug their new book, talk about their new show and the next series of Saturday Night Takeaway."

The Beeb were undoubtedly a little bit naughty in not letting Babs have a chat with Piers, but could ITV not have used the opportunity to take the moral highground? Taking away our right to watch Ant and Dec have a chinwag and a muck about with Jonathon Ross isn't doing anything for anyone's image. Ceasefire please, ordinary civilians are suffering.

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