The cast of Lost 15 years later

Lost was a massive show. Viewers that stuck with it were addicted to the twisting plotline that was told partly in flashback. The ever-expanding cast was another draw, which was a little odd given the show’s premise – a deserted island populated only by the survivors of a plane crash. The show’s cast was another essential element. Many of them have gone onto big things like Canadian actress Evangeline Lilly who cinema-goers will know from the Ant-man movies. Some have gone onto star in other hit TV shows like Daniel Dae Kim who found his way onto Hawaii Five-O, and his Five-O co-star Jorge Garcia. Let’s have a look at the cast beginning with the star of the show.

Matthew Fox

The main character in the show was Jack. He was the leader and the one with the cool head in most situations. The man who played him, Matthew Fox, received a bunch of Golden Globe and Emmy nominations for the part, but once the show ended in 2010, Fox said he was done with TV. In the decade since Fox has been good to his word. He hasn’t made many film appearances either. His last was Bone Tomahawk from 2015, so perhaps he’s done with acting.

Evangeline Lilly

We probably don’t need to tell you much about where she’s been in the last decade. Any fan of The Hobbit of the MCU will know she’s been busy starring in major Hollywood movies. She was also in the Oscar-winning film The Hurt Locker, and she’ll next feature in Dreamland opposite Gary Oldman and Armie Hammer.

Jorge Garcia

Hurley was one of the most popular characters. He was the show’s comic relief. He was an amiable guy whose mental health issues made him a bit more three-dimensional than some of his fellow survivors. The reveal that he was a millionaire was a brilliant piece of storytelling, and the character’s belief his lottery win was a curse on those around him was inspired. The man who played him used to perform stand-up comedy, but he didn’t go back to that when the show ended a decade ago. He’s gone onto star in the Netflix movie The Ridiculous 6 and joined the cast of Hawaii Five-O.

Terry O’Quinn

The man who played John Locke has not been short of work. He starred in Hawaii Five-O as Joe White up until season 9 which aired during 2018 and 2019. He’s also been cast in shows like LTD, Patriot, Perpetual Grace and Secrets and Lies.

Daniel Dae Kim

This guy’s another cast in Hawaii Five-O. He’s a series regular there, but he’s also found time to star in The Good Doctor and the most recent Hellboy movie.

Michelle Rodriguez

Rodriguez played former cop Ana Lucia for just 26 episodes, but that didn’t hamper her chances of securing new roles. Fans of The Fast and The Furious franchise will know her as Letty. That was the role that put her on the map. She returned to the part in 2013’s Fast & Furious 6, and she continues to play the part still. Her voice has been heard in animated movies including Turbo and Smurfs: The Lost Village, and she’s starred in Widows from award-winning director Steve McQueen, Alita: Battle Angel and Avatar in recent years. The ninth instalment of the Fast and Furious series, which hits the cinema next year, will be her next major motion picture.

Josh Holloway

Sawyer was a character who was always in the middle of the action. He was a massive part of the show, but the actor behind him, Josh Holloway, hasn’t been able to reap the rewards of the high profile his character gave him. He’s starred in Intelligence and had a central role on Colony, but he hasn’t been in the spotlight in the way he was during his stint on the show.

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