Casa Cole under siege

This week will not go down as one to treasure for the beleaguered Cheryl and Ashley Cole. Following allegations of Ashley's sex texting - or sexting as it is now widely known - The Sun is reporting that thieves attempted to break into casa Cole to steal Chezza's wedding rings while she was out of the country and Ashley was recuperating.

The injured Chelsea defender called Surrey police at 4.30 am crying, 'Please come quick, someone's trying to break in.' (Ooops, another blow to his image?) A police spokesman speculated to the Sun, 'It cannot be coincidence that people attempt to break into the family home when both of them are due to be out of the UK.'

In other Cole news, Cheryl is now apparently responding to Ashley's texts, after ignoring him for a week. No word as yet whether these are pictorial messages...

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