To think Jim Carrey has become one of the highest paid actors on Planet Earth is well and truly, absolutely mind-boggling (don’t bother, we’ve tried). With his wacky pull-an-unfunny-face and slapstick this-ain’t-working-I’ll-fall-over humour, the *cough*actor*cough* has decided he wants to now try his hand at music.

At the UK press conference for his latest film A Christmas Carol, Carrey explained that he may have a talent in music: "It's another realm, another room to play in," he said, falling off his chair and doing an impression of a possessed goth at a Cure gig. "I'd absolutely love to do something musical. I've dabbled in doing something like that and I think it'd be tremendous fun."

He also said he’d like to combine his goofball acting with music; "Perhaps Wham! The Movie. [I'd play] the successful one, maybe."

Watch Jim Carrey’s best and only joke here...

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