Carr blimey

In today's annual Jimmy Carr update (which we are proud to announce has now become a regular feature), we bring you news of sexism and crisps. In an interview with The Sun, Carr talked about his involvement with Comic Relief, and his views on the Keys/Grey sacking.

Speaking to The Sun about the recent Sky Sports sexism debacle, Carr said, 'When I read the quotes I thought 'It's just some guys messing about. Then you watch the clip and go 'Oh, they aren't joking, they really do think that. But it's not for me to moralise - I'm a f***ing comedian. What do I know about anything? I say worse things than that every day but it's always a joke.'

Carr is involved in the forthcoming Comic Relief crisp-selling war, where famous folk will attach their names to a Walkers flavour, with the loser having their body hair waxed by Denise Van Outen live on telly. No one can say that they're not high-concept over at Comic Relief...Tweeting about the competition, Carr tactfully typed, 'I'm filming a Walkers crisp commercial today for Comic Relief. Why don't we just cut out the middle man and send the starving the crisps?'

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