Carl Fogarty crowned King of the Jungle with Melanie Sykes finishing third

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It's a wrap on I'm A Celebrity 2014 and Carl Fogarty has been voted this year's King of the Jungle. He beat out stiff competition from second placed X Factor's Jake Quickenden and Melanie Sykes who finished in third place and was delighted at his success.

Fogarty, affectionately known as Foggy, was ecstatic upon learning the result and he said "I just think it’s all a dream, someone’s playing a trick on me. This is the best thing that has ever happened. It’s absolutely mental. I don’t know what, but I must have done something right.” That is no small statement given his successes on the super bike circuit.

He certainly had to work to beat Jake in the final after the duo had to chow down on some exotic tasting food which included delicacies such as tarantulas, camel penis and ostrich anus. Of the exotic menu Foggy remarked "You’re sick, you lot, you’re sick. This is not right'. He was then crowned King of the Jungle by last year's winner Kian Egan.

Third placed Sykes was pleasantly surprised at getting as far as she did in the show. The TV presenter said "If I'm honest I'm a bit gutted I'm not in the final because I was so close to it, but I had an absolute ball. It was better than I expected. I thought it would be more hellish and I wasn't sure I'd last, but it exceeded my expectations and I made some great friends." She also nailed her colours to the mast after leaving saying she really wanted "Foggy to win".

Second placed Quickenden was understandably gutted at the result but was also delighted for Fogarty. He said "I couldn't have won to a better man - he is Crocodile Dundee. he's a legend!". Quickenden's success is all the more incredible given that he was a late addition to the show upon the shock departure of TOWIE star Gemma Collins after only 72 hours and means that overall he did fantastically well to make it all the way to the final.

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