Cara Delevingne to play a sexy mermaid in Peter Pan

  • @Cosmopolitan - Twitter

Cara Delevingne is all set to play a mermaid in the upcoming blockbuster Peter Pan film which is to be directed by Joe Wright. The movie is scheduled for a 2015 release and the added chance to see Ms. Delevingne donning a tail and little else will help greatly with promotion.

The movie, which will be simply called Pan, is to star Hugh Jackman and Amanda Seyfried. It follows a young Peter as he is spirited away to Neverland as an orphan boy and we see him grow into his role as Peter Pan.

Delevingne was recently photographed by a paparazzo swimming and frolicking in the sea in Cancun so fans will be delighted that they are about to see her swim about some more.

Delevingne has been in the news a lot this year over rumours floating around that she was dating actress Michelle Rodriguez. Rodriguez was also present in those Cancun photos adding fuel to the flames.

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