Cara Delevingne posts racy images to Instagram but protects modesty thanks to well positioned items

  • caradelevingne - Instagram

Supermodel Cara Delevingne has, much to the delight of her fans, posted some very racy images on her Instagram account recently. But one image more than others has certainly gotten everybody talking. Cara poses totally naked in the photo with two torches that strategically cover her chest while a No Entry sign cleverly protects her modesty down below.

So far the picture has received more than 350,000 likes showing that her fans definitely appreciate the effort. The image also received plenty of comments complimenting Cara on her looks including comments like "Omg, u're so perfect" from Instagram user biancaselem and "Haha. No entry" from megxy_hamzah in reference to the road sign covering her lower regions.

The model is currently busy working on a photo shoot in Bali but she has found plenty of opportunities to frolic and have fun around the job. The regular updates to the 21 year-old's Instagram account demonstrates that girls just want to have fun and she is definitely having her fair share while in Bali.

Delevingne was recently unveiled to be appearing in the upcoming Peter Pan blockbuster where she will play a sexy mermaid. The film boasts A-lister stars Hugh Jackman and Amanda Seyfried and will be directed by Joe Wright.

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