Caprice admits she was once 'full of s**t'

You might have thought being crowned ‘Clinton Cards' Female Celebrity Valentine of the Year’ would make a person view the fame game as a bit of a laugh, but oh no, not Caprice.

The ex-wonderbra modeller has only now admitted her fame went to her pretty little head and it’s taken her mother’s wise words to get her breasts back down on the ground. Talking to OK! Magazine, the 3 headed blond whose surname "Bourret" means ‘b*ll*cks’ in her native France, said;

"When I was in the limelight I believed all the bullsh*t. I was famous for being famous - fabulous for being fabulous." She added, "then my mum sat me down and said, 'you’re so full of sh*t. This isn't who I raised. You’re not the person you once were.'”

Next we’ll be told Gordon Brown doesn’t own a piggy bank and this has been the worst summer in Britain since records began.

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