Candle in the wind?

We might just be one step closer to realising our dream of hearing 'Candle in the Wind' (the Lady Di version), as William and Kate proceed down Westminster Abbey. Elton has suggested that he may be asked to perform, but has given no hints as to which song. Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting perhaps?

Elton, speaking on Radio Two told Steve Wright that he may well perform, if not actually inside the venue, ‘I probably am, I’ll probably be busking outside.' Though it sounds as if the pianist is tiring of all the to-do. He's about to guest edit The Independent, and has promised to make it a royal-free zone, 'There’s not going to be much about the royal wedding in there, though. I think we’ve had enough of that for the time being.’

Speak for yourself, Elt. We can't get enough of the 'people's party' and are creating our own ceramic tributes to the couple as we type.

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