Canalis caught in sex and drugs scandal

Elisabetta Canalis, girlfriend of George Clooney and professional beautiful person, has been implicated in a sex and drugs scandal connected to two Milan nightclubs, Hollywood and The Club.

Canalis was named by one of the club’s escorts, Karima Menad, as being part of a group of models and stars taking cocaine at the clubs. Mendad’s testimony forms part of an investigation which saw five people arrested this week and both clubs closed down. She told the court ‘I used cocaine along with other people, among whom was Elisabetta Canalis'. The alleged incident took place a year before Canalis and Clooney met, when Canalis was a showgirl. Now don’t get us wrong, drugs are bad kids, but seriously? A model living in the fashion capital of the world, now living in Hollywood (aka sleaze capital of the world), with a connection to cocaine? Surely not.

This isn’t the first time Canalis has found herself in a whirlpool of controversy. In June she ‘accidentally’ (apparently) commented on Twitter that Jennifer Aniston looked like Iggy Pop. Scandals just don’t get much bigger than that.

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