Camilla gets inked up

When Camilla Parker Bowles agreed to a henna tattoo on a recent trip to Tanzania, she was under the impression that it would only last a day or two.

Nine days later, she's still trying to scrub it off. The tattoo on her left hand was clearly visible at an official engagement in Clarence House on behalf of the Unicorn children’s theatre.

The Duchess of Cornwall told the Daily Mail: "The less said about that the better!

"I didn’t feel that I could refuse and it was rather beautiful but then, after I had it done, this lady put her hand on mine and splodged it everywhere.

"I just can’t get it off. I have tried scrubbing and everything.. nail brushes, you name it. I just don’t know what to do."

The Duchess is particularly concerned about her henna marking because she has a series of public engagements coming up - including a lavish state banquet at Buckingham Palace thrown by the Queen in honour of the Turkish President.

Hmmm - wonder if the Queen will appreciate Camilla's tat?

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