Cameron's back with Justin!

We leapt in the air with joy when we saw the pictures of Cameron Diaz and Justin together again, but the leap turned into one of disappointment when we realised that their reunion is (boo) only for the silver screen. The beauteous pair, who dated for four years, eventually calling it quits in 2007, both play bad teachers in the film entitled erm, Bad Teachers.

Director Jake Kasdan told Entertainment Weekly: 'They obviously know each other really well. They're good friends, and they're both incredibly funny people. I couldn't be more excited about it.'

Describing Cameron's character in the film, he said: 'She's kind of foul mouthed. And she's completely fixated on trying to afford breast augmentation surgery, and very open about it. She believes it will help her find the right man who will take care of her for the rest of her life.'

Come on Timbers, let's wind back the clock and get the two of you back together...

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