Cameron Diaz reported to be single again

Cameron Diaz is reported to be single again after splitting up with baseball star Alex 'A-Rod' Rodriquez. The couple, who started dating just over a year-and-a-half ago, have had a rocky romance which now appears to be over for good.

Despite attempting to keep their relationship a secret, Diaz and Rodriguez were snapped together by the paparazzi in London, Mexico, Miami, New York and Los Angeles over the last 18 months.

The couple were reported to have split up back in June but then rumours hit the interweb that they were about to move into the $24 million Miami home which Rodriguez had recently purchased.

However, it now appears that the pair see no future for their relationship. Distance appears to have been the main factor behind the split with Hollywood starlet Diaz based in Los Angeles and Rodriguez in New York with the Yankees.

An unnamed source close to the baseball star has made it clear that the relationship came to an amicable conclusion: 'They remain friends and it is amicable. They are career-minded professionals, and they continue to focus on their own priorities. He has had a number of injuries and he wants to stay focused on winning a world championship.'

Diaz was spotted last week having dinner with her ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake leading to rumours that the couple could be about to rekindle their romance. However, sources close to the trouser snake suggest that he has recently got back together with the actress Jessica Biel. Watch this space.

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