Calum Best : snubbed by Lindsay Lohan

We recently brought you news of Calum Best's latest foray into the world of reality TV - The Best Is Yet To Come. Well Best is hanging around LA trying to drum up publicity for the show, and thought he could rely on an old sex tape pal to help him out.

Calum invited Lindsay Lohan to a tacky pool party he threw to promote his show, after boasting to all and sundry that he and Lindsay are still 'good friends'. Er, not quite. Lindsay point blank didn't answer his texts, and surprise surprise didn't turn up to his chavvy bash - instead choosing to sun herself by the Beverly Hills Hotel pool with girlfriend Sam Ronson.

“Lindsay has heard about the MTV series but she has no intention of going near it — she hasn’t replied to any of his messages” said a Sun source. The Best is yet to come? Not near Lindsay Lohan it won't!

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