Calling in a UAV

Despite all the grief he gets in the tabloid press, Ashley Cole doesn’t appear to be any different from most lads his age: he likes to sleep around, get very drunk and play loads of video games. Who can’t relate to that, eh? See, not such a bad bloke after all.

It turns out that, if you believe what the Sun has to say about anything, that your man Cole is a bit of a sucker for a spot of Call of Duty: Black Ops, and doesn’t waste an opportunity to grab his joystick and get twiddling. He’s a bit of a don at the game, and doesn’t mind letting people know about it either.

‘Ashley has really put in the hours since he got the latest game, Black Ops,' said some source or other to the tabloid. 'Every chance he gets he's on his console, which is why he's turned into a top-ranked player. Ashley gives his friends stick if they're not as good as him - even if it's on a night out.

‘The battles can really drag on so the group have to take the odd break. They then reconvene to finish off their mission. Some nights it can go into the early hours of the morning, but time just seems to pass by without anybody noticing.’

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