Cake is a feminist issue

Since Nigella first hit our screens in the mid-90s, she caused a sensation, with her hard-to-argue-with combination of intellect, beauty, posh tottiness (if that's a word) and cake recipes. But if you'd just written her off as a telly presenter who worked magic with a wooden spoon, then you'd be sadly mistaken... for Nigella is a feminist, and her treatise can be read in 'How to be a domestic goddess'. Lawson made the bold claim for her recipes last weekend at a book festival.

According to The Daily Mail, speaking at the Hay Literary festival, Nigella made the claim for her cookery books, saying, 'I think it’s a very important feminist tract in its own right, and I’m not being entirely ironic. Baking is the less applauded of the cooking arts, whereas restaurants are a male province to be celebrated. There’s something intrinsically misogynistic about decrying a tradition because it has always been female. I’m not being entirely facetious when I say it’s a feminist tract.’

We adore Nigella, and will happily adopt her recipe books as feminist manifestos, but does that mean that Hugh Fairly-long-name and Gordon's efforts are worthy contenders for male doctrines? Surely not...

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