Cage’s hair woes

Aaaw poor Nicolas Cage. If reports are to be believed he’s a little sensitive about his rapidly receding hairline. On the promotional tour of his new film Bangkok Dangerous, he has ordered that when being interviewed by journalists, they do not look at his hair or their questions will not be answered. Oooh err! The vain star apparently has his hair stylist on constant call to keep his hair looking as full as possible. His face (and hair?) is his trade, but can he still play the tough guy, when we all know, all he’s worrying about is his flowing locks.

We wouldn’t have expected this kind of Diva demand from Mr Cage. J.Lo, yeah, but you! Well, we think you made a mistake here Nic. Don’t you know that when you tell someone not to look at something, it’s impossible to not look at it?  Haven’t you seen Austin Powers 2… Baldy baldy baldy baaaaaaaaaaaaaldy…bald…bald…BALD!

Bald. That’s German for ‘soon’, we’re not implying that anyone is follicly challenged.
That’d just be cruel.

(Image: from YouTube)

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