Cheryl expresses regret after messy night out

Cheryl Cole has expressed her regret after a messy night out on the tiles in London on Thursday with celebrity friend Will.i.am.

The Girls Aloud singer, usually known for her clean-cut image, was snapped scoffing champagne and giving jokey v-signs to her friends at a phone launch held in London's Roundhouse.

Writing the next day on Twitter it appears that Cole was suffering the full effects of her heavy night: 'Why why why why why why why why why... :'(' the 27-year-old tweeted.

But it wasn't just a sore head which had the former X Factor judge lamenting: 'I just walked past the mirror and caught a glimpse of someone. I have no idea who she is.'

After necking a few Solpadeine Cole later added: 'That's it.. Me and alcohol are not friends.' A concerned Will.i.am responded to the flurry of tweets asking 'what happened???' with Cheryl replying: 'Too many Bubbles .. :'(.'

The Girls Aloud singer turned up at the launch of the HTC Sensation smartphone XL with a new vampy look consisting of a pair of skin-tight trousers, white polka-dot top and stilettos.

After downing some complimentary booze Cole posted a photo of herself grinning while holding a bottle of champagne and giving a cheeky middle finger to the camera.

Cheryl was later snapped looking jovial in the company of Black Eyed Peas singer Will.i.am. The pair have recently been working together on Cole's third solo album in New York.

However, the Girls Aloud singer was looking worse-for-wear when the time came to make her way back home at the end of the night.

Judging from her tweets the next day it appears that Cheryl was still suffering the effects of the free bar the morning after.

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