Bye bye X Factor

So what did we lurve about this series of X Factor? Well, Cheryl's tears during ad breaks for one. The Geordie crumpet's committment to sobbing pretty much all the time is legendary. Her waterworks even annoyed Mr Nasty (really, but he's so nice...?') who threw his hands in the air in exasperation when she came back late from ad breaks. Oi, Simon, leave her alone, she's sensitive and remembers where she came from, ok?

As for Joe McElderry - remember him, Simon wants to turn him into the next Zac Efron. He's cute and can hold a note, and he likes ketchup (very important) but we can't see that happening: he doesn't have it going on in the chat department. Jedward's brand of semi-ironic/actual silliness on the other hand, might just take them places. We're hoping nowhere near our goggle boxes.....

But who will have longevity in their 'music career?' Danyl Johnson. He was cocky but, based on sheer talent alone (we know, that's not really the point) he should have clinched it. Sorry Olly but we see you in Butlins.

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