Bye bye twins

Louis' face crumpled and Simon's smile glowed a little more radioactively last night after Jedward got the boot. The super-quiffed duo managed a staggering seven weeks on the talent show, causing bookies to fear for a monster £10mill win payout. Luckily, they didn't have to. The good old British public didn't do the decent thing, but the judges did.

A few things we'll miss about the Brothers Grimm:

Their one and only Rick Astley dance.

Never managing to nail the whole in-time thing.

Their cheesealicious answers in interviews: 'we like to do songs that have never been done before,' (er, Jedward, George Michael has done this a few times before.)

Louis' face lighting up and the way he is reduced to a cliched mess whenever they're around. 'They make me feel young again.' 'These guys are so full of fun!' Barf.

Cheryl's stock response: 'you guys are sooooo entertaining.

Their resilience / tenacity / blind faith.

One staring at the other when talking.

Interviewers guessing their name, 'er John? Er, Edward?' before plumping for Jedward.

Their ironic smiles and the way they fade out sentences. We think they are secretly taking the mick out of us and not vice versa. The below GMTV interview is a case in point.

Twins, we'll miss you. But it won't be long till someone puts you in a broomcupboard with a cue card to read, or better still, the Australian jungle. Please ITV, make it happen.

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