Buy yourself a piece of Breaking Bad history

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As Breaking Bad reaches its final episode, the vultures are circling over Albuquerque. And that's just the fans eager to buy up a slice of television meth-dealing, murdering, chemistry-teaching history. The props from the iconic series are up for auction, and there is considerable investment potential in some of the more resonant items.

Walter White's Cadillac should fetch a top dollar price, even if it doesn't contain a flight bag crammed with a few million bucks in the boot, sorry trunk. More affordable items include burger-and-meth magnate Gus Fring's air-freshener or the one-eyed teddy that fell out of the sky.

The show's vehicle pool also includes a Vamonos pest control van, famously used as a cover for Walter's meth-cooking operation. Bids start at $5,000 on that one. The more fetishistic (or downright weird) fans might be tempted by a pair of Walter's pants, worn during those hot days cooking meth in an RV in the desert, or Hank's neck-brace.

Some of the props had a key part to play in the drama. Tio Salamanca's bell, used to signal that the mute gangster wanted to communicate something urgently, was a central element of series three, which is perhaps why they are asking upwards of $3,500 for it. Jesse Pinkman's robot vacuum cleaner is more attractively priced and is just perfect for cleaning up after those three-day orgies with hookers and hookahs.

Before the final episode airs, speculation is rife on how show-runner Vince Gilligan and his writing team will choose to end the critically-acclaimed series. A show that began life as a cultish and controversial cable drama has entered popular currency.

Even Miley Cyrus has joined the debate, defending her twerking routine by comparing it to Breaking Bad. "I was watching Breaking Bad the other day, and they were cooking meth," she told Rolling Stone. "I could literally cook meth because of that show. It's a how-to."

Just head along to the auction and buy up some equipment and you're in business.

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