Bustin' moves

Ah, we've grown to love Susan Boyle and her dotty routines. When she shimmies on stage at awkward moments, or has a bop with a broom in an airport lounge, it's testament to there being at least one superstar in the world not afraid to do pretty much whatever pops into her mind, regardless of the PR leash.

This time the singer has been papped doing starjumps outside her house. It's one part YMCA, two parts classic Subo, and to complete the bonkers tableau, a plasma TV is being delivered to her house while she entertains the paps. (When superstardom and ordinary life happily co-exist..)

Subliminal messages to the public via unconventional means are very much in vogue at the mo: Lindsay Lohan flashed one on her fingernail while being sentenced in court. Has SuBo taken inspiration from over the pond?

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