Bunga bunga?

The wandering eyes and hands of Silvio Berlusconi vie with pizza, pasta and the Mafia for the position of ‘most famous thing to come from of Italy’, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone to find out that he’s been making promises to yet another Italian beauty, at yet another of his famous parties.

This time it’s Mario Balotelli’s latest squeeze Sara Tommasi who is revealing seedy details about her encounter with the Italian Prime Minister, who seems to spend more time chatting up ladies and making sure he’s immune from prosecution than he does governing the country. The 29-year-old TV personality and model apparently impressed uncle Silvio with her beauty and brains at a party in Rome’s Palazzo Grazioli, as he asked her to become one of his MEPs. Such respect for the process of democracy, eh?

‘He was very impressed with me and my looks,’ said Tommasi. ‘He said I had beauty and intelligence, I should go into politics. He said it would be a steady wage. Silvio is always willing to help people (*cough* - Ed). But I told him I just wanted to be an actress.

‘There were many beautiful girls and people from showbusiness who wanted to get into the parties. There were many, many girls, and some stayed the night. I saw people coming in and out of rooms all the time - they could have been up to anything in there.’

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