Bum in the heir

Poor Paris. She just wants to be adored and she'll do anything to get people to like her. Think about her altruisim for a second: she gave the world One Night in Paris; she snogged Chrissy Ronaldo in full view of the paps; she got engaged to a reality star just to keep tabloid editors the world over in work, and now she gives us....wait for it folks: her bum.

If you haven't seen the pics, the heiress was a little worse for wear at a beer launch in Brazil at the weekend. She obviously got a little too stuck into the free grog and ended up, as many of us have after a long night on the sauce, crawling about on all fours with her thong in the air. Oh dear.

The humiliation didn't end there. She then attempted that age old drunken classic: sexy dancing when half cut. Needless to say, it went a bit Pete Tong. Actually, according to The Sun, it didn't even get started.

Paris, you're rich enough to buy yourself a sensible pair of pants, why not invest in some class too?

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