Bullock's hubby makes another boob

Despite each day bringing further tawdry news of Jesse James' affairs with tattooed ladies who were patently not his wife, Sandra Bullock's cheating hubby still thinks there's hope that he can win his girl back.

A source told People magazine: 'He would certainly love for this somehow to go away and that somehow things can be rectified and put back together. The one thing that's most important to him in the whole wide world is that his family comes back together. He will do whatever that takes. You're talking about one of the most beautiful, talented women in the world, just an absolute wonderful human being, and there's a great loss to him and his children.'

Yes, that's all well and good James, but having posted your own internet ads looking specifically for 'hot, tattooed biker chicks with big boobs' you're going to have to do a little more than persuading a pal to give saccharine statements to the press...just a hunch.

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