Bubbles being cheated from his Chimp-heritance

Michael Jackson’s pet chimpanzee Bubbles is being cheated out of his rightful £1million, according to a story from the Daily Star. Jacko apparently set aside the fortune for his pri-mate to make sure that he would have ‘a secure long-term future’.

However, the money has yet to filter down to him, and there are fears that the 27-year-old chimpanzee, who now lives in an animal sanctuary will never see a penny of what is rightfully his.

‘We've heard nothing,’ said Bob Dunne, the animal trainer who used to look after Bubbles on Jackson’s behalf after he found it too hard to take proper care of him. ‘I'm not sure we will either. He's frozen out.’ A source said to The Daily Star that ‘Michael will turn in his grave if Bubbles' future is not financially secure.’

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