Bruno bothers bumpkins

The press for the upcoming Bruno film is obviously ramping up. More and more stories about Sacha Baron Cohen's antics are being leaked out. This time we find out how the comic managed to enrage gun-toting rednecks with his cartoon homosexual character, and had them loading up their guns ready to shoot.

One of the set pieces of the film involves him hanging out with a group on hunters in America's deep South, and if you've seen the trailer you'll have seen him winding them up good and proper talking about Sex and the City. Well it got a bit hairy from that point on, as a source explains.

'The hunters thought he was an Austrian TV presenter doing a travel piece,' they said. 'But his behaviour became outrageous. He said they were all like the Sex And The City girls and it went downhill from there.

'They immediately went for their guns and loaded them in front of the camera. He tried to calm them down but they were furious so they had to get out of there. Everyone was really shaken up by it all.'

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