Bruni clocks up 45,000 at auction

Oops. Turns out estimates about how much Sarko's buck nekked wife might fetch under the hammer were way off the mark. We personally never thought Bruni under the hammer could fetch as little as 2000 squibs. Alright we did.

But the fact Carla has actually managed to crank up a whole 95,000 dollars (45,000 pounds) under auction has had us truly choking on our cuppa!

An unnamed Chinese art collector snaffled the averagely sized, 32.5 by 22.5 black and white snap of La Bruni, taken back in 1993 when she was - pretty much the same as she is now. Only nudders. And very bendy. (We've never seen such a magnificent tum curve in our lives!) And has taken it back to China with a lump of blu tak ready to stick proudly on his wall.

So how's the wee man faring in all this? Is Sarko chuffed to bits his wife costs so much? Or is he silently raging at the thought of some 'art collector' having a naked pin up of his ball and chain staring down at him? We know how passionate the French can get with affairs of the heart!

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