Bruni and Sarko out chic the Browns

Every now and then an invasion of super stylish Euro ministers is whats needed to liven British politics up. We know Sarko's ridiculous and Bruni's a well bred clothes horse who's aged better than our Cammy. But that's soooo not the point! They wear cashmere polo necks and long elegant woollen coats. And sunglasses in the rain. And they do big bold Public Displays of Affection on Le Thames and don't give a fiddlers who sees it.

Bruni could barely pull a bored curtsy out the bag when she met the Queen but stiiill managed to charm the pants off the Royals with her lovely hats and beguiling accent.
And Gordon Brown. Couldn't get enough! In fact the Brown - Bruni clinch could've become a full blown Frenchie at any moment if Sarko hadn't been lurking in the background.....If only!

Sort it out Gordon Brown. Out of the dour suits and into some sexy Euro-lover garb - and for gawd sake start enjoying the high life. Go on a boat. Snog under the stars. Wear luxury fabrics. Guzzle fine wines and feast on oysters and take long afternoon naps on a chaise longue.

Do the French have to teach us everything!

Check out Bruni 'singing' with Bryan Ferry - shocking and awful but still a bit chic...

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