Bruce Jenner snapped wearing a woman's dress by paparazzo

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Bruce Jenner has been photographed wearing a full-length woman's dress while smoking a cigarette on the balcony of his Malibu home. The photo represents the first time that the general public will have seen him dressed as a female since announcing that he was going to become a woman last year.

The 65 year old has reportedly undergone hormone therapy and had breast implants in his journey so far. The father of Kendall and Kylie Jenner has been receiving some rather intense media attention ever since he made his intentions public and the girls have gotten their fair share too as a result.

Olympian Jenner furiously called police in a bid to track down the paparazzo responsible for taking the compromising picture as it was taken from quite a distance using telephoto lens. It is against the law to use such invasive equipment in the state of California and as such Jenner has good grounds to report the offending photographer for an invasion of privacy.

Jenner is pencilled in for a national TV interview this week with Diane Sawyer where he is set to discuss his transition from a man to a woman. The show, 20/20, will air this Friday night on ABC and it is expected to be a frank and in-depth conversation.

Jenner's ex-wife Kris has admitted that she had absolutely no idea that her husband of 26 years wanted to become a woman. Reports from those close to Kris say that she is extremely worried about what Bruce might reveal about her relationship with him as well as what he might say about his daughters.

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