Brokeback Bromance

Take That have once again successfully demonstrated that there's more to the band than nice M&S tank tops and designer stubble (we'll politely skim over the philandering), by replicating the iconic relationship in Brokeback Mountain. Robbie and Gary parody the cowboy romance, though stopping short of full on nudity - ever mindful that they're middle-England favourites.

Robbie told The Sun, 'I was very nervous because there were four of them. I came so close to not going because I had toothache that night and I'd just taken a painkiller. I was quite large as well and I thought, 'I can't go mumbling, looking like Elvis.' I'd said some nasty things about Gaz. What do I do if I go in, is he harbouring anything? So the missus pushed me through the door. It was very exciting, very liberating.'

While Take That honcho Gary said, 'We got off to a great start. And we're enjoying working together so much, we do it over the internet. We do it whenever we can.'

Ooh-er Barlow...

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