Brock Lesnar dominates John Cena to become WWE Champion at Summerslam

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Brock Lesnar completely dominated John Cena in their World Heavyweight Championship title fight at WWE Summerslam. Cena was rendered a subscript in the matchup at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles as Lesnar basically did what he wanted, when he wanted as he took Cena's belt home in possibly the most one-sided title fight ever.

Lesnar delivered a whopping 16 release German suplexes to 15 time World Champion Cena which amounted to an awful lot of punishment in the 20 minute long fight. Lesnar even added two devastating F5's to all that attrition to wear down his opponent. By winning the title back, Lesnar claimed the WWE title for his fourth time and made a strong statement of intent that it will take a brave and determined man to come and take the belt from him.

It is credit to Cena though that he managed to hang in there as long as he did as fans were shocked to see the destruction that Lesnar was wreaking. WWE legend Mick Foley tweeted that is was "The most impressive, dominant @WWE title win I've ever seen." while Stone Cold Steve Austin tweeted "Great match between @BrockLesnar and @JohnCena. @HeymanHustle has created a monster. Frankenstein is the World Champion. #unstoppable".

Lesnar even found time in the middle of this fight to poke fun at The Undertaker who he defeated at Wrestlemania to end 'taker's unbeaten streak in one of the most shocking twists in wrestling history. Lesnar took an Attitude Adjustment which would have had an effect on most other WWE superstars but Lesnar simply sat up in his place Undertaker style. This victory over Cena was equally shocking simply because of how one sided the match was but Lesnar won't be complaining one bit!

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