Brittany's death shrouded in mystery

After the tragic deaths of Heath Ledger and Michael Jackson, both as a result of prescription drug overdoses, speculation is mounting about the cause of Brittany Murphy's untimely passing. The talented 32 year old starlet was described as 'dangerously thin' by US publications in the run up to her death. TMZ, the website that broke the news of her death, claim that a shocking amount of prescription drugs were found in her bedroom.

Now some sources are even reporting that Brittany's death may have been linked to swine flu. The H1N1 virus is being pinpointed as a possible culprit because of the weakening effect it would have had on Brittany's already frail - potentially anorexic - body. She was said to have been suffering 'flu like' symptoms in the week leading up to her death, and was taking medicine to treat it.

The autopsy has been completed, but further test results, which will show the full cause of death, won't be released for another 5-6 weeks. In the meantime, Brittany has left her estate to her mother, and not to her husband, British director Simon Monjack.

When asked about possible drug use in the past, Brittany was quoted as saying: ‘Everyone was saying I’m doing drugs and I’m not.’

She did, however, have terrible self image issues, and in someone so young, talented and naturally beautiful as Mz Murphy, that is sad. Hollywood: time to care of your young?

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