Britney’s shocking new album

Britney’s fifth studio album Blackout is out today. And, believe it or not, she’s done something more shocking than shaving her head or flashing her bits – she’s recorded a cracker. With the Seattle Times proclaiming it ‘her best work ever’ and both the Times and Guardian giving it four-out-of-five stars, Britney’s back from what has been the most troubled and bizarre time of her life. 

It seems it’s the year of the comeback with other artists returning to the spotlight. First Take That reforming, then the Spice Girls followed suit, with both embarking on sell-out world tours.

Then there’s Kylie, who after her fight with breast cancer, will be going on tour and releasing an album. However, perhaps the most exciting comeback could be from Danish pop super-group Aqua. Famed for their catchy (if genuinely annoying) Barbie Girl, the Scandinavian quartet will also be releasing an album next year. Oh, we can’t wait for that one.

But who else would we like to see make a comeback?  Black Lace back from Butlins? Elvis back from the dead?  Stranger things have happened…

(Image: from Miss Shari's Flickr stream)

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